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Irrespective of whether how beautiful or healthy your hair looks like you should pay the best attention to the hair care routine. If your hair is oily, dull, dry, damaged, treated, curly, thin, you should take care. Here are some useful hair care tips that will help you:

Cleanliness is essential:

Itchy scalp and dandruff are the major contributors to hair fall. So, to achieve a healthy and beautiful hair, you should maintain cleanliness with the regular washing.

Consider the egg treatment:

You can take an egg and use it entirely for conditioning the hair. In case, you have dry and brittle hair an egg can condition your hair. Take an egg and apply both the white and yellow portion in a damp and clean hair. Make sure that you leave the mixture in the hair for about 20 minutes. Then, wash with cold water. It is an efficient method to treat the tress.

Bottle gourd treatment:

Bottle gourd can do wonders for your hair. Just extract the bottle gourd juice and apply the same on your head. Leave for half-an-hour and rinse thoroughly.

Keep away from hot water:

Many of us enjoy hot water showers. But, hot water can make your hair brittle and dry. It will contribute to loss of essential oils from your hair. If you are afraid of pouring cold water on your head, you can use warm water.

How to achieve a shiny and soft hair?

Just take a cup of hair conditioner that you use regularly and add 2-3 tablespoons of honey to the conditioner. Now, apply the mixture evenly on your hair that is wet. Leave the mix for about 30 minutes and wash off. This combo will help with closing down the cuticle in your hair and will give your hair an excellent shine.

Do you intend to achieve a bouncy hair?

To get bouncy hair, you can use an equal quantity of warm water and apple cider vinegar for the application. Then, rinse the same after 5 minutes to remove the smell of apple cider vinegar. This combo will help with achieving a bouncy hair.

Have you heard about baking soda therapy?

Take three tablespoons of baking soda and some water and rinse your hair with this combo after shampooing. You can stay with the combo on your hair for 5 minutes before rinsing. This method will help with removal of styling products and excess shampoo from your hair.

Do not wash hair frequently:

To maintain the healthy oils naturally present in your hair, you should avoid frequent washing of hair. You can just wash your hair once in 2-3 days. When you do it less often, you will regain the natural lustre of your hair.

Lemon juice for hair care:

When you are washing your hair, after the final wash, just apply a tablespoon of lemon juice. Do not pour water anymore. Just towel dry your hair and style as usual. It will help you get rid of dry hair.

Use the proper brushing technique:

To prevent the breakage from static electricity, you should avoid a comb with plastic bristles. When brushing, start from the ends to remove tangles. Then, take long strokes starting from the roots reaching the end of the hair. This technique will help with spreading the natural hair oil, and it will also prevent breakage of hair. The method is essential to prevent hair breakage.


In addition to these hair care tips, the best hair care tips suggest that you should trim your hair regularly. It will help with getting rid of split ends and for eliminating dryness.

Share with us if you know of any hair care tips you’ve tested, and works for you.



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