Every women desires to have long, shinning and thick hair, but many keep loosing hair instead of seeing it grow. So if you fall into this category, be calm. In this article we’ll be going over the top five herbs supplements and essential oils to help you grow thick hair naturally and fast.


  1. To tart with is aloe vera gel or juice. Aloe vera juice is something you could pick up at any natural health food store. You could also order it online but aloe vera contains really unique polysaccharides which help naturally strengthen and thicken the hair and if you drink just one cup of day of aloe vera juice, it will help naturally thicken your hair. Drink a cup a day, but along with that you also can buy aloe vera gel and make your own at-home shampoo.
  2. You can drink aloevera juice and by the way it’s also great for your digestive system and beneficial for hormones. So again pick this up at your local health food store now one of the great products you can think of is collagen protein or a boat or a protein powder that comes from bone broth. Both of those are very high in collagen.
  3. Your skin and hair and nails are actually made up of type one-in-three collagen so consuming a collagen protein especially that comes from grass-fed cows or free-range chickens is especially beneficial. But again what you want to do is about one to two scoops a day of a collagen powder or collagen protein. Remember most of us today we get almost no collagen in our diet in fact if you’re not drinking bone broth every day you’re not getting collagen in your diet. Collagen is like the glue that holds your bones, your body together and collagen has so many benefits and so does bone broth. Collagen is very high in prolene, hydroxyproline and glycine.

Start using aloe vera and collagen powder you’re going to notice a difference in the overall thickness of your hair.

The next supplement here product you probably know is B complex / biotin. Biotin is a type of B vitamin that’s been shown to naturally help strengthen ladies nails and help also help have healthier skin.

So if you’re a person that not only do you have thin hair but you notice your energy levels are a little bit low, that could be a warning sign that you have a B vitamin deficiency and specifically biotin possibly along with b12 as well. But again taking biotin has been shown in medical studies to naturally thicken your hair and stop hair loss.

The next thing and one of the most powerful in the world today it’s rosemary essential oil. Essential oils have been used thousands of years for its many health benefits but rosemary oil contains a compound called ROS Marek acid which has been shown to naturally thicken the hair. What you’re going to do is to take about five drops and mix it with a little bit of aloe vera gel or with maybe some warm olive oil. Take about a teaspoon of warm olive oil, mix about 5 to 10 drops of rosemary oil and then massage it into your scalp for about a minute and leave it on there for about 30 minutes to an hour before you go take a shower, but again massaging rosemary oil into your scalp and hair naturally thickens your hair as well. Another thing about rosemary oil it also helps with female and male baldness. So if somebody is actually not only thinning their hair but they’re losing their hair, it actually blocks a hormone called DHT that stands for dihydroxy testosterone which is the hormone that causes male pattern baldness or for women to lose their hair or to have hair thinning. DHT actually stop hair loss in its tracks. So again this essential oil is the most powerful for naturally thickening of hair

The last but not the least is omega-3 fatty acids. Whether you’re doing flax oil or fish oil or cod liver oil.

I want to give you a few last tips here as well on things that can actually help naturally thicken your hair.

You need to know what is at the root cause of your hair thinning and part of the cause could be physical and emotional stress. This can cause thinning hair. If you’ve got a lot of emotional stress, it can actually cause your hair to thin and so, look at what you’re doing on a daily basis. What’s causing you stress? Start doing things that you really love and enjoy to do, maybe it’s a walk in nature or lunch with a best friend. You’ve got to reduce those stress levels.

If you consume too many carbohydrates, sugars and grains, it’ll cause inflammation, increasing that dihydroxy testosterone which will cause your hair to thin and even overtime cause you to lose your hair. Diet wise! Here’s what you need to be eating, you need to be eating lots of vegetables and herbs, salad chicken bone broth soup,lots of healthy fats, an avocado a day, coconut oil flax seeds and then wild organic protein sources like grass-fed beef and wild caught salmon. All of those things can help. Also if you have a thyroid condition, it can also contribute to hair loss so in that case again diet wise.Follow the same diet bone broth.

The greatest superfood for really helping the thyroid and gut health overall as well so again follow that anti-inflammatory diet I talked about. Toxic exposures, really taking care of those vitamin and mineral deficiencies, typically biotin and B vitamins are the biggest ones along with selenium and iron.

And again of course there’s allergies, heredity but these are the biggest things that can actually cause your hair to thin. But I hope following these simple steps will help you grow that thick and shinning hair you desire

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