The birth control shot AKA Depo-Provera is an injection you need to get every 3 months for birth control.

This shot is a convenient, safe and private birth control which is very effective if you get it timely.


The Depo-Provera or the Depo shot or DMPA is a birth control shot which has a hormone called progestin.

This hormone progestin prevents ovulation and negates pregnancy. This is so because when there is no egg in the tube the pregnancy is not possible. This hormone also makes the cervical mucus thicker. The sperm can’t get through when the mucus on the cervix is thicker.

Because of this the sperm and the egg never meet and pregnancy can be easily avoided.


One out hundred people who get a birth control shot become pregnant each year as the birth control shot has an effectiveness of 99 percent.

In reality, the birth control shot has real effectiveness of 94 percent and this is so as some people forget getting their shots on time. Thus in real time, about 6 out of every 100 shot users get pregnant every year.

It is very important to get your birth control shot on time. This is so as the better you are about getting the shot on time the better the shot helps negate pregnancy. This being said there is still a minute chance of you getting pregnant even after getting the shot on time.

If you want the pregnancy negation and that too effectively then you should also check out what birth control to use. You may also want to check out UIDs and the implant as these are the most effective routes to birth control.

In case you want to go with the control shot then you should be punctual and get the shots on time. This will ensure the maximum effectiveness of birth control.


You need to go for the shot every 12 to 13 weeks and this will make the shot most effective. You should go for the shot every 3 months and 4 times a year.

Get the birth control shot from a Doctor or a trained medical professional to be on the safer side. Although you can also get the supply of shots at health centers and bring them home and give a shot to yourself by yourself too.

The best thing about the birth control shot is that you can get one anytime-whenever you desire. If your first shot is within the first 7 days post the starting of your period then you are well protected and you won’t get pregnant for sure.

If you get the control shot any other time then you will have to use other methods of birth control like condoms while having intercourse or sex. You will have to do this for the first week after you get the shot.

The most important thing is to remember when your birth control is due and being regular with it. This will ensure that you do not get pregnant and will reduce the chances of becoming pregnant.

You can do these things to remind yourself of the shot:

  1. Add the dates on your calendar
  2. Set an alarm on an online or mobile calendar
  3. Request family and friends to remind you of the shot
  4. Schedule appointments in advance for the next shot

Thus all that matters is that you should get your shot in time no matter what. This will make the shot most effective and you can definitely avoid pregnancy.

In case you are 2 or more weeks late in getting your birth control then the Doctor might advise that you go for a pregnancy test. The doctor can also advise you to use emergency contraception in case you have had intercourse or sex in the previous 120 hours or 5 days.

If you want to be super sure and don’t want to get pregnant then it is advisable that apart from the shot you should also use a condom while having sex.

  1. The shot is temporary and thus you can have kids whenever you want. The shot is not permanent and this is a great thing about it. Thus by avoiding your next shot, you can increase the chances of you getting pregnant easily
  2. The birth control shot also has many health benefits. To name a few the shot can save you from uterus cancer and also ectopic pregnancy.
  3. The best thing about the shot is that it is safe and private. Also, it is not evident and you do not have to share the details with anyone except your Doctor. If you get the shot regularly, 4 times a year every three months then you can keep enjoying sex and do not have to worry about getting pregnant. Just get the shot and forget about it.
  4. The shot also makes your periods lighter and easier to survive. Almost 50 percent of people who go for the birth control shot stop having their periods. This usually happens after 1 year of getting the shot. Also once you stop taking the shot then your periods will resume and then you can get pregnant at will.


The only thing to remember is that you should take the shot in time and also wear a condom during sex so that you can avoid pregnancy totally. If you want to enjoy sex and also not want to get pregnant.

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