7 Natural Remedies For Constipation
Hey friends, welcome back to health captor. Today I’ll be sharing with you natural remedies for constipation and these tips are great for anyone, any time of the year, but it’s also particularly good if you are expecting or you’re pregnant.

Pregnancy produces a lot of changes and one of the changes is that our digestive system slows down due to a hormone known as progesterone and this helps our body have more time to absorb the nutrients from our food to support mom and baby. In addition to this, some women may experience constipation from the iron in their prenatal vitamin and if you’re reading this article and you’re not pregnant, there’s a variety of reasons that can contribute to constipation and hopefully will help anyone who is struggling with constipation.
So let’s get started.

Tip number One. Eat fiber.

The body needs a balance of soluble and insoluble fiber for quality and consistent bowel movements. Think of soluble fiber and that it soaks up water and it helps produce bowel bulk. Think of insoluble fiber as you’re in and out movers, this is roughage that helps move stool through your body and we need a balance of both insoluble and soluble fiber for quality and consistent bowel movements.

Here are some food sources that contain insoluble fiber and here are some food sources that contain soluble fiber.

Tip Number Two. Eat more plants.

And this is because plants are packed with fiber which we now know help us go to the bathroom and they also contain vitamins and minerals which help our body thrive and function optimally.

Process foods without fiber, dairy and artificial sweeteners are just a few examples of some foods that have been associated with digestive distress and also constipation.

Everybody is different, but if you struggle with constipation, try eliminating or reducing some of these foods that may contribute to constipation and see how your body feels within a week.

Tip Number Three. Exercise.

Do what you can especially when you’re pregnant, but exercise improves blood circulation and it really gets things moving if you know what I mean.

Tip Number Four. Drink ginger tea.

Ginger is known to help improve blood circulation. It’s great if you’re having any digestive or tummy distress and so I do recommend adding in a cup of ginger tea every day. You could also add some fresh pieces of ginger into your morning smoothie or adding ginger into your recipes.

Tip Number Five. Eat more lemons.

You may be surprised to know that lemons mimic the natural gastric acid juices in your stomach which can help stimulate peristalsis in the bowels, which basically means it triggers you to go poop.

Tip Number Six. Eat some prunes.

You’ve probably heard of this tip before. It is an age-old remedy and prunes may seem like an elderly treat, but they are really good. They are sweet. They’re delicious. A few prunes a day can really get you on your way to going.

Tip Number Seven. Stay hydrated.

A common symptom of dehydration is constipation. So make sure that you’re aiming to consume at least eight cups of filtered water every day. You can also drink herbal tea or consume water dense fruits and vegetables to help your body stay hydrated.

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In conclusion, these are all natural remedies. You do want to be careful about taking supplements or anything that’s going to force your body to go to the bathroom because your body may become dependent on those supplements and then it’ll still make it difficult to do without them. Naturally on your own, if you have any concerns about your health, it’s always best to consult with a registered dietician or your doctor.

I hope you found these tips helpful? and if you’re reading this and you have a great natural remedy for constipation, please share with us in the comments below.

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