Top 10 fitness trends in 2018 (be the first to know)

In this article, I’ll be going over the biggest surprising fitness trends of 2018. I guarantee you some of them will surprise you. Fitness is ever evolving and changing! You don’t want to be left in the dust not knowing really the best ways to get fit in 2018 and beyond. So lets look into the biggest fitness trends as we look forward to the new year, and these were really looked at the American College of Sports Medicine annual list, a survey of over 4,000 fitness professionals and a forecast of 2018 most popular fitness trends. Forty potential trends to choose from, but I will be picking those I considered the top 10. Let’s start off from the top to the least.

Number 10. Functional fitness.
Functional fitness is not just how much weight can you lift and how tone you can get, its functionality in terms of as you age being able to lift things and move things and really just be productive in your daily life. So functional fitness typically involves using your major muscle groups in combination together and doing fitness that is actually functional in nature and useful in your everyday life or if you really need to do something there as well, you know typically it supports balance as you age.

Number nine. Fitness programs for older adults.
Now we are moving continuing to move more in our baby boomer generation, that’s aging and age-appropriate workouts are on the rise. You know there are a lot of workouts today that that really involve a lot of pounding on the joints and bonny that are really hard on the body. Well that’s not good aspect really for anybody but especially for an older population they want to be doing things that are going to really help save their joints, lengthen their muscles, improve their balance and help them be more active as they age. So either you are older adult or younger generation, map out a fitness program for year 2018.

Number eight. Personal trainer.
A lot of people are realizing that when you’re working out on your own without a trainer, you can make mistakes. You know a lot of times people will jump into fitness and really not know what they’re doing. If you want to get the best results possible, it’s great to use a personal trainer on a regular basis or at least do a few early sessions on with a personal trainer that can lay out a program for you and make sure you’re doing things in proper form. One of the issues a lot of people have is injuring themselves when they start doing workouts, because they’ve never had a personal trainer to train them on proper form. That’s why again this is one that is skyrocketing here as well.

Number seven. Yoga
Now one of the reasons why yoga is growing than other fitness activities such as bar and pilates is especially yoga has an ancient tradition and it really works on balance strength and relaxation. We live in this world today that is fight-or-flight response. We have high cortisol levels, high stress hormones and one of the great things about yoga is of all types of fitness it is probably the most stress relieving. It really helps somebody way to wind down helps with stress hormones, and help lengthen the body.

A lot of benefits there of yoga and I do think yoga can be really great for people especially if you’re looking to lower those stress hormones, overall improve flexibility as well as balance.

Number six. Fitness education
There’s value in becoming an expert yourself for your own health for your family or the few people that you workout and train with. It’s great to be a licensed professional.

Number five. Strength training.
As we age our body’s weak and we need to continue to strengthen our bodies, increasing human growth hormone which acts as a hormone for anti aging. We want to age slower right well. Strength training can help you do that. For a lot of females specifically there was a worry that if I lift weights, I’m going to get bulky. Hormones isn’t going to cause them to get bulky, it’s going cause them to get lean and fit instead. Strength training is great because it’s going to increase your metabolism. It builds strong bones as you age and it naturally balances hormones.

Number four. Bodyweight exercises.
You can do some lunges or bodyweight squats. You can do things that really strengthen your entire body and this really also falls into functional fitness. Bodyweight training is going to get bigger and bigger and bigger in 2018. It’s affordable. You don’t have to have equipment to do it or minimal equipment.

Number three. We’re going see more and more Fitness technology – Fitness trackers, smartwatches, heart rate monitors.
GPS tracking devices is so simple today with technology to really track your fitness and have better accountability and tracking.

Number two. Group training
One of my biggest life lessons is you become who you surround yourself with. Big thing there is it keeps you more motivated and also it aims to address various fitness levels in a class.
Identify a group you can always meet together to get trained.

Number one. High-intensity interval training.
Now for the last five years hit training also known as burst training has continued to explode in various forms such as Tabata or great as well but high-intensity interval training. It’s doing short bursts of activity with short periods of rest. It suppresses appetite and allows you to burn fat faster by doing that as well. That is why it’s the number one trend growing in 2018 because it’s what the research is saying. It’s what the science is saying.

Wow! That is incredible 10 top fitness tips you need to know in the year 2018 in order to be healthy throughout the year and beyond.

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