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Is CBD Oil Capable of Treating Anxiety?

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol or CBD is an extract that is retrieved from the Cannabis plant and which is capable of being used in the form of oil. This oil has a high concentration of chemicals known as cannabinoids that easily connect to certain receptors in the brain.Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the best known form of cannabinoid which is responsible for the ecstatic or high feeling that people usually get right after they have consumed some marijuana. THC is just one among many cannabinoids. Cannabidiol is a substance that easily connects to specialized brain receptors just like THC does but does not produce a euphoric feeling. According to many, CBD oil has a wide range of health benefits starting from reducing the onset of cancer to the improvement of mental health conditions.

CBD oil is also a substance which is edible and can be used in food or as cooking oil. It is possible for people to consume it as medicine by taking in a few drops of this every day. It should not however be smoked and there isn’t any indication till date to prove that it can be used as an instrument of aromatherapy.

Is CBD Capable of Producing a High Feeling?

CBD  is derived from the hemp plant as a result of which it is not likely to make those using it feel high in any way. Hemp is normally a plant that is used for industrial work such as the manufacture of clothing and paper. It is not bred specifically for the production of any high THC levels.

Cannabidiol may be found for sale in the market as another form of hemp oil containing small amounts of THC in it. Therefore any person engaging in the use of hemp oil can end up testing positive for drug use. Yet the intake of CBD oil will not cause any alterations in a person’s mental state.

Anxiety and CBD Oil

A study conducted in the year 2010 revealed that cannabidiol could reduce anxiety in those suffering fromsocial anxiety disorder. The participants were made to undergo brain scans whereby it was seen that changes occurred significantly in the flow of blood to parts of the brain that are linked to anxious feelings and thoughts. The participants not only ended up feeling better after this experiment but also managed to transform the manner in which their brains responded to any anxiety.

Yet another study was conducted in the year 2011 according to which researchers aimed at understanding the impact that CBD could have on people who engaged in activities like public speaking. In 2014 research showed that hemp oil or CBD oil was capable of producing anti depressant and anti anxiety effects in animals. In 2015 some of these previous studies were well analyzed and it was concluded that CBD could indeed be used for treating an extensive range of anxiety disorders including generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder as well as post traumatic stress disorder.

 It was however cautioned in this particular report that the long term impact of the use of CBD for treating anxiety disorders is still quite limited and that it can only be well used for treating short term anxiety.

What to Consider when using CBD Oil

Research conducted on the use of cannabidiol has shown that this is a substance that has no or few side effects. As a result, this is good for use for people who are incapable of tolerating the otherwise normal side effects of antidepressants and other medicines administered for curing anxiety, even addiction.

The use of CBD is not uniformly legal all over America. Those using CBD oil to treat anxiety should therefore be well informed about the potential risks associated with using such a substance in the first place.


How far cannabidiol can be effective in treating anxiety disorders is still quite unclear as there are more studies that need to be carried out for assessing its risks and benefits. For those suffering from anxiety who have not found any relief after taking recourse to other modes of treatment, the use of CBD oil can turn out to be a good alternative.



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