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Benefits and properties of broccoli

Benefits and properties of broccoli
Those green trees so popular in the markets should be in the food of all people.
Broccoli is a food that has many benefits and properties that are healthy for all those who consume it on a regular basis.
Although many do not like it for its appearance, it is a vegetable that is essential in food.
You do not have to be on a diet to consume it.
The large amount of nutrients in its content make it a staple in any weekly menu of a family. Children will have sustained development if they consume it on a regular basis.
There are so many benefits of broccoli that you will simply be amazed with this vegetable of the cruciferous families.
Like their “cousins” have many vitamins and minerals that allow the perfect functioning of the body. The best of all is that it is easy to cook and can be obtained in any local market or supermarket.
Vitamins and nutrients that broccoli has
Broccoli as a good vegetable contains a host of vitamins  that are good for the body. The same goes for minerals and phytonutrients that are important for staying healthy.
You can see that there are many and varied nutrients that broccoli has. That is why we recommend that you consume it at least 3 times a week so that you can enjoy the benefits that we are going to tell you next.

Although the vast majority of the population, broccoli is not their favorite food. If there is a group that has it in its basic diet are fitness and all those who care about having a slender body. Not to mention those who want to lose weight.

This vegetable is first on the shopping list because it is very low in fat and calories.
Thanks to the fact that broccoli is composed of more than 80% in water, it has no fat and very few calories, which is synonymous with not getting fat. This is why every person who wants to lose weight or maintain it includes it in their basic diet.
You can also eat it in different ways because you can do it alone or with other vegetables. Serves in salads, hot and cold dishes. Raw, cooked in water or steamed is a staple in the weekly menu.
That we must warn you that part of their properties are lost when you cook in water. It is better to steam and more ideal even if it is raw  in this way it maintains more its properties,  especially if it goes in salads.

Although sure you came to this post because you wanted to confirm that broccoli is ideal for weight loss. This is just one of the many benefits it has and here we are going to tell you more.

What are the benefits of broccoli?
#1. Prevents anemia
One of the diseases that most affects the population and in many cases without knowing it is anemia. The lack of iron and vitamins in the body produces fatigue, fatigue and deconcentration that prevents people from carrying out their daily routine without problems.
Broccoli contains a large amount of iron and folic acid  that prevents and attacks this disease. When you have anemia you will always feel sick, with flu and this is one of the reasons.
When you eat raw broccoli there is a greater absorption of all its vitamins.
In addition to this vegetable which also contains the other foods you are going to consume.
#2. Ally against cancer
Because of the large amount of glucosinolates  and other antioxidants, broccoli helps eliminate all the cells that cause cancer. As well as accelerating its destruction so that it does not harm healthy ones.
Also thanks to zinc prevents diseases in the prostate in the case of men and one of them is cancer. It prevents it from appearing in the colon, thanks to the fact that it favors digestion and does not produce constipation due to its high fiber content.
Another type of cancer that helps prevent is the breast. One of the most common in women and in the liver.
#3. Protects pregnancy
Women when they are pregnant need a larger amount of vitamins and minerals because they must also transfer it to the fetus. The large amount of iron, calcium, vitamin B and especially folic acid allows gestation to go smoothly and smoothly.
Both the woman and her baby will be healthy and will not have any kind of complication.
#4. It says no to eye diseases
Thanks to its content of beta carotene and lutein, broccoli protects the visual health of people. Prevents the appearance of the feared cataracts.
This is a disease that affects mostly the elderly that their vision deteriorates every day. With a constant intake of this vegetable allows them to continue with a good view, they also allow them to see well at night.
#5. Take care of the heart
Being low in fat and containing a lot of potassium that eliminates the sodium in the body, broccoli is an ally of the heart. And helps to avoid many diseases related to the entire cardiovascular system  by eliminating sodium, it prevents blood pressure from rising, which can lead to stroke.
 It also lowers triglycerides and allows a much purer and less greasy blood to reach the heart. In addition, the presence of vitamin K allows better blood circulation.
#6. Antioxidant
Broccoli also contains a large amount of antioxidants  that eliminate all the free radicals that are in the body.
Thanks to this action you will say goodbye to common diseases such as flu and allergies that always appear when people have low defenses.
Quick elimination of free radicals allows the body to be healthy and you to be free of diseases. Broccoli allows the proper functioning of the liver that is responsible for eliminating all those substances that are harmful to people.
#7. Strengthens bones
Because of its high calcium content in its composition, it has up to 47 milligrams per 100 gram serving.
Broccoli helps not only strengthen the bones. It also delays and prevents the onset of osteoporosis that affects so much women over 40 years. Another factor is that it allows a greater absorption of calcium than there is in other foods. Especially those of plant origin.
Also for those who suffer from arthritis the consumption of broccoli benefits them for its anti-inflammatory action. It allows the pains not to appear or to do so in a less painful way.
#8. Reduce the cholesterol
Another action of broccoli is that it removes fat from the blood.
This is because it does not have a gram in its entire composition. That is, it eliminates the bad cholesterol, causing the good to increase and clean all the arteries that connect with the heart.
If you are a person whose cholesterol is constantly rising or who does not enjoy good nutrition. As well as eating habits, we recommend that you include it in your basic diet so that you begin to feel better.
#9. Eliminates toxins
Like free radicals, toxins are very harmful to the health of people and are responsible for a host of diseases.
The broccoli when it enters the body disperses all its vitamins and minerals that act against those substances that harm the body.
Of course for this there must be a constant consumption of it.
#10. Prevents premature aging
Just as there are foods that accelerate aging there are others that delay it, as is the case with broccoli.
Thanks to it eliminates toxins and antioxidants. As well as the presence of vitamin C, the skin of people will look smooth and smooth.
By having a greater production of collagen the skin will constantly regenerate and with that you say no to wrinkles, especially the one that appears at the corners of the lips and around the eyes.
#11.  Allows better digestion
Because of its high fiber content and because it is composed mostly of water, broccoli allows a better digestion without retention of liquid, gases and flatulence. For the fiber there will be no constipation and all your digestive system will thank you.



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